Kansas City Bettys

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List of Current Officers 2014-2016:

President: Aundria Burdg

Vice President: Melissa Summers

Treasurer: Dave Kallas

Secretary: Leslie Chapa

Facebook/Twitter Admin: Christi Ramsey

Website Admin:

Head or Merchandise: David Kallas



List of Senior Bettys:

-Aundria Burdg, 2012-Present

-Leslie Chapa, 2013-Present

-Melissa Summers, 2013-Present

-Christie Ramsey, 2014-Present

-Jeanette Kramer, 2015-Present

List of Bettys:

-Genie Haggard, 2013-Present

-Courtney Moore, 2014-Present

-Maggie Golenia, 2015-Present

-Mary Gavin, 2015-Present

-Molly Jeffus, 2015-Current

-Beth Reynolds, 2016-Present

-Kate Gammons, 2016-Present

-Sandy Collins, 2016-Present

List of Rosies:

-Tina Stringberg

List of Busters:

-David Kallas, 2011-Present

-Josh Jeffus, 2016-Present

-Mike Day, 2016-Present



List of Former Bettys:

-Lisa Schock, 2015-2016

-Vicki Saffo, 2015-2016

-Amie Maguire, 2015-2016-Mica Marriott-Ward, 2009-2015

-Christine Nichols, 2010-2014

-Lana Bishop, 2012-2014

-Rachael Wohletz, 2009-2013

-Lisa Davis, 2012-2013

-Cara Camarca, 2012-2013

-Melinda King, 2009-2012

-Javaneh Jones, 2011-2012 -Britany Strohl, 2010-2011 (Currently Serving, US Navy)

List of Former Busters:

-Nathan Ward, 2009-2015

-Jacob Frederick, 2010-2011

-Seth Jones, 2011-2012 (Currently Serving, US Army)

-Robert Dodge, 2013-2014 (Currently Serving, US Air Force Reserve)



List of Past Officers 2010-2012:

President: Mica Marriott-Ward

Vice President: Melinda King

Treasurer: Rachael Wohletz

Secretary: Christine Nichols


List of Past Officers 2013-2014:

President: Mica Marriott-Ward

Vice President: Rachael Wohletz

Treasurer: David Kallas

Secretary: Aundria Nitz



Upcoming Betty Events

Friday, May 4 All Day
Saturday, May 19 at 9:30 AM - 11:00 AM
Saturday, May 19 at 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Tuesday, May 22 All Day

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